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Opposite of a (MILF) A mum you would'nt fuck even for a hundred million pounds and you were drunk on Absynth and hadn't had sex for 20 years because you'd been in prison for shagging really ugly woman even tho its not a crime...I'm just trying to give you an example. Lives in (Chavenage) pronouced Miiiwwwwwffff
Id rather fuck yo dawg than yo ma she's sure a is miwf but she do have a pretty mouth.
by Rob St Evenage March 05, 2008
26 10
mom i woud't fuck..... pronounced (mwoof)

opposite of milf
your mom is a miwf, but your sisters hot.
by amw_500 August 14, 2009
5 4
Mum I would fuck - how clear, didn't you see "American pie?"
-"Look, Kevin's mom's comin'!"
-"hmm...a real MIWF!"
by lizzy01 November 01, 2006
6 20