A Mithun is a cartoon character that escaped from the famous movie 'Roger Rabbit'during its filming.
He wears tight trousers that rip down the backside everytime he bends over to tie the laces to his oversized clown shoes.
He can be found at circuses the world over, performing sealion tricks such as balancing a ball on his nose and clapping for the public.
He is considered a public entertainer just through looking at his face.
Look mummy! There's a cartoon in real life!

Yes son! It's a Mithun!

But mum, I swear I've seen him at the Russion circus before too....

Yes, he is a clown - can't you see his shoes and tight hot pants?
by Mayouran May 09, 2005
Top Definition
Mithun is a typical Indian name with many meanings infact.... and one of its meaning is "Lord Krishna".. Other meanings which can be found are "bull" and the best... "sex"... Now days the usage of the word has suffered a considerable change and no one knows how this meaning originated but it is a slang used for "masturbation"!!! Like other slangs for the same word like "to touch oneself" etc this is actually not very popular throughout the world because its mainly used only in conversations restricting to Indian Languages... but in India its used even in local conversations and even in some local language chat rooms....
Some examples for its usage are (typical of masturbate):
1.Hey guess what i mithuned twice yesterday.
2. Did u just mithun?
3. Yesterday i was mithuning and my pet dog came and started licking my balls!
by Mahadev September 21, 2007
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