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Refers to doing something just because.
Mithers well go to the mall so i can see if there are any sales going on
by crelm November 29, 2009
0 6
literally a replacement for the word 'bother'
'He's a mithering twat'
'There was some mither in pub last night'
'Don't mither me, I'm busy'
by tedster November 12, 2003
296 52
Used by my Shropshire lass as both noun and verb (transitive and intransitive) to mean 'worry'.

I have also seen this spelled 'myther' or 'maither'.
I was awake all night mithering.
by Richard Burnham August 18, 2004
75 57
To prattle, or speak about nothing in particular.

Derivation: my dear old mum from South Harrow.
They were just mithering on...
Don't mither on, love.
by Steven Sanabria August 11, 2004
41 67
Replacement word for mouth.
Shut your Mither!
by Raquel Lynn August 26, 2008
5 56
scottish referral to ones mother.
ma mither married ma father
by louie lou April 12, 2005
24 82
A replacement for the word mother.
"Mither when's dinner?"
by M February 14, 2005
13 90