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Basically a sex goddess. Everybody loves her. Her beautiful face captivates every living creature. Her voice is that of a nightingale. Trees, flowers, and other elements of nature dance to the tunes of her sweet voice. Her hair is as dark as night and so luscious it seems like it belongs to an immortal. Her long black locks flow perfectly straight and frame her perfectly tan skin. Her eyes are like two onyx stones glistening in the sunlight. She is glorious, magnificent, flawless even. My perfect beautiful Mithanjali (called mith for short sometimes) is truly a splendid sight to behold cuz damnnnnn girl she's fine as hell xoxo
You are almost as beautiful as Mithanjali, jokes you never will be xoxo.
by mramesh October 15, 2013
'Offering of love' in Bengali
My wedding gift to you is my Mithanjali
by mramesh October 15, 2013

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