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hyperactive, mood swing ville, totally hot and tends to have super cool and not as weird friends =)
she is such a mital, shes lucky shes hot!
by Bawwb May 05, 2008
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see also: cheapo, a mital is a person who is often considered the most cheap person to walk the face of the earth... he can often be observed giving drop calls so as not to waste his credit. Maybe even asking a girl if shes on O2 after (somehow) getting her number so that its cheaper to call her.
Dude 1 : DUUDE why did you miss call me?
Dude 2 : oh sorry, i just didnt want to waste my credit!
Dude 1 : aah man your such a mital!
by samithy December 27, 2007
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A type of rock that boils when placed in salt.
by The cool noodle February 23, 2003
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