Mit'hangel is Hebrew slang, often used in a derogatory way, for someone who people beleive is gay. It can also be used to refer to a gossip, who spreads untrue rumors about someone, often out of jealousy.
Hey Joe, Idan is so mit'hangel . He has a crush on Harel Skaat but is spreading rumors about him.
by skewer August 03, 2008
Top Definition
Mit'hangel is slang for someone who is sexually promiscuous.

Hey Joe there goes Idan. Idan is mit'hangel.
by jebson February 29, 2008
it's a word which is used in israel between guys most of the time when they see someone who is gay.
Hey Joe, did you see Harel Skaat? He is a mit'hangel.
by Idan Gross October 09, 2005

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