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Idans are Israeli men who are the epitome of awesome. Most Idans struggle to cope with their sexiness, yet spend much of their time reaping the benefits of their innate majestic aura. The best definition, all the while appreciating the limits of the English language, is: Idans are the quintessential men.

Note: Idan may even be used as an adjective.
Bob: If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be?
John: Including superheros?
Bob: Sure.
John: I'd be an Idan.

Dan: That's the coolest thing I've ever seen - that was idanness.
by truthspeaker85 April 09, 2010
An extremely sexy person. Idans tend to be good looking, and their looks are too hard to handle. Idans are constantly envied by other girls for looks, brains, or qualities.
God, I wish I was Idan!
by googlelovesme July 16, 2011
An extremely stupid person. Someone with very limited mental capacity. An idiot. Idans can be found almost everywhere (schools, universities, workplaces etc.) Idans do not have the mental capacity to understand that they are stupid or that they are being used. Idans are the source of most problems is our society today.
John: 1+1=?
Mark: Uhm, I'm not sure...
John: You're such an Idan!
by Ripster777 April 27, 2009
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