An evil being known to do evil things. Devils spawn.
P1: Who is that over there?
P2: Oh that's Evil Knievel Misty!

*both run*
by Evil spotter August 08, 2012
Emotional or teared up
"Whoa, wait a minute. I'm gettin' all misty! I do not need you to see me like this!"
by Mare Garrel May 20, 2008
A super hot babe with perfectly perky Benjamins.
Damn, look at those Benjamins on that Misty!
by yksbud September 15, 2014
A "tough" slang meaning emotional or teared up. Commonly used by The Fonz on Happy Days
"Whoa, I'm gettin' all misty! I do not need you to see me like this!"
by Mare Garrel May 21, 2008
The residual weed smoke from a previous hit. Known to eminate from the mouth hole of the somking apparatus. Stingy smokers claim misties as part of their hit, but we all know if you start it, you finish it. Named for it's similarity to mist, or something like that.
Derek: "Yeah, I mean, I didn't say anything, but that asshole totally stole my misties."
Gary: "Eh, I usually just let him if my lungs are hurting."
Derek: "Yeah, me too. But still, major breach on weed etiquitte."
by neo-weedterminology April 17, 2011
foggy or humid weather
It's so misty outside.
by Pokelover February 24, 2010
The act of ruining the party or spoiling the moment of fun by making everyone mad or sad or just pissed off.

a Misty is a person who just sucks!
That guys sucks, he always gets too drunk and starts crying and making the girls sad and cock blocking me. He's such a misty
by The Interceptor July 22, 2011

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