A derogatory term which refers to the scientific community's search to bridge evolution's gap between chimanzees and homo sapians.
Nina - "Did you see that butt-ugly chick? She had the face of an ape!"

Kristina - "Yea, she was a real missing link."
by Phil Fox July 11, 2005
1) A creature being sought by stupid scientists who have found innumerable links to many species of plants and animals, but can't seem to find the one for man. A mythical creature akin to the big bad wolf or tooth fairy.

2) A dude who is definitely a man but looks like he may have been teleported or warped here from 200,000 BC due to his unkept appearance and wrangled mangled hair and facial/body blemishes etc. Basically, a guy who - the more clothes he removes - proportionately resembles a human lesser and lesser.
1) Scientist Neil: "Bob, I think I found the missing link over here in this gneiss formation."
Scientist Bob - looking at 'object' : "That is a downed aircraft Neil, but...good eyes all the same!"

2) Max: "What the fuck is that hairy bastard all about!?"
Scott: "Good God man...that could be the god-damned missing link"
Max & Scott: "Huh...uh.uh....huh...huh...cool"
by psiscott April 09, 2006

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