A term used by male or female to tell someone not to come to them with whatever bull shit they are talking about.
Like if somebody is throwing something (a ball for example) and before they throw it you tell them to not hit you or miss you. But in this case, you would mean words (accusations for example) Or just lieing period, you wont somebody to save the bull for the next person.
male: "What, are you fu**ing him?"
Female: "I just told you I don't know him!"
male: "You better miss me with that lieing!"
by Renee Ward August 15, 2007
Top Definition
be sad because I am away from you
I asked my girlfriend,"Will you miss me if I leave?"
She said,"It's a deal."
by yorrick hunt January 25, 2008
Go another way.
I don't want any thing to do with it/or you.
get to steppin
kick rocks
Staehnke: Hey yo Shocker whats up with letting me use your car.
Shocker: Missme pal
by Phuckdis June 27, 2003
A phrase used by a female in a romantic relationship to get a desired response from a male. Often used when the two people have not seen each other for a very short amount of time. The male in this ritual is required to respond in a positive manner, often with emphasis that may or may not be genuine.
Girl: Miss me?
Guy: (thinking to himself) I just saw her 2 hours ago.
Guy: (out loud) Of course, baby!
by JJB February 13, 2005
A term used by guys or girls to say goodbye. Meaning "think of me while I'm gone" or "don't forget me."
"I had a great time. Miss me!"

"I'll catch you later. Miss me :D "

by syu September 21, 2006
lose my number; don't call me; leave me alone.
you've cheated on me, now miss me.
by trina November 17, 2003
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