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5 definitions by JJB

A phrase used by a friend of mine. Usually used in a sarcastic or apathetic manner to be humorous.
Guy: Dude, my car just exploded!
Guy 2: I'm not too worried about it...
by JJB February 13, 2005
22 9
Black Women's Alliance. A student organization at MIT, founded in 1997 with the aim to provide a forum to address the needs and concerns of Black women undergraduate students at MIT. To promote the awareness of Black women's issues in the MIT community through activities designed to increase the visibility of Black women on campus and to encourage interaction with other campus groups. To encourage the scholarship of Black women at MIT. To promote activism, unity, friendship, and community.
Also: Black Women of Acclaim; Black Women Achievers
by jjb February 23, 2005
27 23
Used by some of my friends to describe a map or level in a video game. Usually used when talking about said map or expressing opinion about that map.
Dude 1: "I love playing on this board"
Dude 2: "That's because it's the only one you can win on."
by JJB February 13, 2005
43 40
An old Chinese's toucher method to get people to talk. its when they would Shoot long bamboo strips in to the shaft of the male penis. OUCH THATS GOTTA STING.
Motha upper if you don't shut the fuck up I'm gonna have to polish kabob your ass from having baby's ever again.
by JJB December 09, 2002
7 14
A phrase used by a female in a romantic relationship to get a desired response from a male. Often used when the two people have not seen each other for a very short amount of time. The male in this ritual is required to respond in a positive manner, often with emphasis that may or may not be genuine.
Girl: Miss me?
Guy: (thinking to himself) I just saw her 2 hours ago.
Guy: (out loud) Of course, baby!
by JJB February 13, 2005
291 479