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The coolest tag in Wales possibly the world.
Taken from the greatest film in the world Fight Club. Mischief! is an off spring of Mischief! Mayhem! Soap!
The first of its kind and total original in the world of tagging!
-Check out that cool tag on the wall!
-What does it say!?
-I wish I was that good!
by Mischief! October 10, 2006
Started in North London at crazy house parties. It is when stuff is broken or moved around or just generally mucked up in people's houses. It is not necessarily vandalism, just annoyances e.g. throwing an ironing board over a fence, or rearranging all the cupboards in the kitchen.

Also there is a varient called emotional mischief, whereby harsh rumours are spread about a particular person.

When mischief starts, the word "mischief" is chanted and the group partaking in the mischief charge around the house. It can also be done subtly.
Putting the contents of the larder in the oven

Spreading rumours about how x described y as a Nazi C***.
by flashermonkey April 12, 2004
A female head or leader that is not too popular among the body of people she's leading.
- What do you think of the new boss ?
- I dont like her style of leadership, she's a mischief.
by 22flux January 30, 2009
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