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A miscer is a member of the misc section of the forums. While most of the forums are geared towards the bodybuilding lifestyle, with a few exceptions, the misc section is generally where all the unrelated random topics tend to be posted.

Miscers are predominatley male in the 18-34 age bracket. Although many claim to be avid bodybuilders, a lot do not look it judging by their avatar pictures.

Miscers tend to be a cynical, impatient and fickle lot and do not take kindly to unfunny trolling. Said trolls are often dealt with harshly and negged to oblivion.

Most miscers are looked down upon by other members of the forum because they post almost exclusively in the misc section and many do not even work out. It is also where most of the forums trolls congegrate.

To make it as a miscer your main goal should be providing entertainment to the other misc members. Probably the easiest way would be providing comedy relief or posting something informative or of an 'epic' nature.
Miscer Troll: "What's up my fellow miscers? Are you aware that protein harms your liver? Don't take protein brahs, stay natural like me!"

Miscer: "Negged"
by danmk April 05, 2010
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Svck t3h c0ck!

Miscers are the fucking buttfuckingest most buttfuckingly gay bunch of fucking buttfuckers to ever fucking fuck fucking butt in the entire fucking history of fuckin buttfucking.
a bunch of misc tards wrote:

execute all african-americans 20 satch22

By skaman7 5-10-2004 10:59:17 PM
By joniox 5-10-2004 10:58:26 PM
By pheasantrevolt 5-10-2004 10:57:48 PM
By satch22 5-10-2004 10:57:39 PM
By Arlo__ 5-10-2004 10:57:19 PM

Member: Madness_5 contact this member
5-10-2004 10:50:25 PM
i prefer "hang all nizzles"

Member: joniox contact this member
5-10-2004 10:50:29 PM
Hang all niggas.

Member: satch22 contact this member
5-10-2004 10:52:56 PM
hizzle all nizzles?

Member: joniox contact this member
5-10-2004 10:54:25 PM
hangas ol niggas

Member: pleasesirs contact this member
5-10-2004 10:51:51 PM
burn all monkeys


see,i told you they were assholes

Source: dey iz a bunch of fags, May 14, 2004
by ( >< ) YOU BUTT FUCKERS!!! December 24, 2004
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Member: brazenhead contact this member
2-14-2005 1:46:56 AM

all miscer's will die of severe anal leakage and festering scrotums.
That about sums it up.
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Hey miscers,

there's plenty of evidence that god exists,you're just dicks!
I really don't care if you ever get it either.
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One who spends 12 or more hours a week masturbating to his or her pornfolio.
Pronounced: Mice-ER
Randoguy: "Dude, did you know Billie was a Miscer? He spends all day checking out his pornfolio!

Randoman: "ZOMFG! Keep the Miscer away from MY pornfolio!"
by Whitefoamies February 22, 2008
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