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1. Achieving an orgasm by grinding one's nude body directly against its own reflection in a full-length mirror. No hands are required; body-to-glass undulations are enough to trigger this powerful explosion.

2. A simultaneous orgasm that ignites between one's self and one's reflection. An act of extreme erotic narcissism. The climax is often intensified by direct eye contact, mirror kissing, and body oil.
Julie caught a glimpse of herself in a hallway mirror at the crowded party. She was so hot for herself, she just wanted to get home, strip down, and give herself a mirrorgasm.
by oneandonly June 01, 2007
To climax against your own reflection. This is an act of extreme erotic narcissism. Often preceded by removal of clothes in front of the mirror. Ususally nude, sometimes heightened with a little body oil. One slowly rocks and grinds against the cold glass. Kissing the glass. Eye contact makes it even more intense. The result is a quaking spasming passionate union with your double, on the other side of the looking glass. A simultaneous mirrorgasm. Warning: this can be addicitve. If practiced too much, one can fall in love ith themselves.
Giselle couldn't get last night's mirrorgasm out of her mind. The six foot mirror was streaked a smudged with body prints and lipstick marks. Her own. No one could come close. No one had the ability to touch Giselle, sending her into paroxysyms of ecstacy No one... but Giselle. And her "mirrorgasms" were her secret ritual.. Where body and body met . limbs entwined, hibone against hipbone, nipple against nipple. At the height of the mirrorgasm, the whole world disappeared aruond her as she fused with her double, every inch her perfect skin an electrode of pleasure.
by ranna obliqua May 31, 2007

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