Vietnamese slang word for meaning "fuck".
lets mios that lita there duma
by sherman carr March 07, 2005
Top Definition
A badass mofo that makes you train until your eyes bleed out. He has the most awesome hairstyle ever, which is shaved and always classy. He can kick your ass with his mind. Don't mess with him by knocking over his bike or taking his aces.
God dang he's acting like a Mio, my eyes are bleeding out!
by Josh Marzilly November 06, 2007
Really potent/ concentrated drink mix that comes in a cute little silver bottle. Drink it straight up if your bad, take the strawberry watermelon one and squeeze it all over the school so it looks like someone was murdered if your badder. Comes in flavors such as Peach tea and Berry Pomegranite. Works better than Crystal Light
Carl: Yo check it out dude that kids drinking mio straight out of the bottle!

Dave: Ew dude! Hey lets squirt red mio all over the water fountain so no one will drink from it! hahahah!
by tratralalllala January 18, 2012
Mio is a little cat, from the french Cartoon Mio & Mao. Often used if you have a kitten, who sounds funny.
"Mio, why do you have to make such noise?" - "Mio Mao Mio Mao La la la la la"
by suddenlyisee November 13, 2007
Vietnamese slang word for meaning "fuck"..
lets mios that lita there duma..
by god father March 07, 2005
Moms, Incest, (and) Older sisters
Guy 1: "Hmm, I'm so into.. MIOs lately"
Guy 2: "What?"
Guy 1: "Moms, Incest and Older sisters ofc :D"

by Noel4784 August 22, 2008
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