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A Minty is quite simply a statement made by an individual, often an offer of goods or services that is almost immediately retracted.

The origin is unknown as is the benefit to the individual doing the Minty. The backlash is often negative but like the boy who cried wolf, the inevitable is the Minty won't be taken serious
Mr X - Guys and gals, I am nipping out at lunch to buy some fizzy pop and an egg and onion sandwich. Would anyone like something from the coffee shop when I am out.

Office Colleagues - Awesome, flat whites all round.

Mr X - Off that, I am not getting you anything

Office Colleagues - You twat. He has only gone and got us with a Minty
by Baoooooooooooo May 25, 2011
2 7
a favorite expression of Seth Cohen from the o.C., used to mean slightly embarrasing and having homosexual tendencies.
you used to do musicals? that's very minty of you.

yeah, our mascot's the pirate, I know its a bit minty.
by Denise November 24, 2003
530 94
A word of Seth Cohen (The O.C). meaning a bit loser-ish in a gay kind of way.
"Ryan you've been playing the pirate game? That's a bit minty"
by stefannyy March 25, 2008
91 36
adj: Describing someone as British and homo-sexual.
Ex: Urban Dictionary didn't want to publish "Mint" so I am submitting this definition and if they don't publish it they are a bunch of minty wankers.
by Master ZEN August 28, 2012
46 12
fresh, chill
yo that dive was minty
by HHS_fuckyeah March 14, 2011
26 9
A common typo in online auction sites. The intended word is mint, as in 'fresh from the factory'. Now an accepted usage. Almost always seen in all caps.
These cufflinks are MINTY, still in the original shrinkwrap!
by hellfish July 23, 2012
7 1
in a good, or flirtatious mood.
Mike just asked me to prom!

OOOOO! You minty!
by BatmanStarburst March 27, 2012
10 5
An expression often used by Seth Cohen from The O.C. to state that something is slightly embarrassing and having homosexual tendencies.
"You used to do musicals? That's very minty of you."

"Ryan you've been playing the pirate game? That's a bit minty."
by darksteel1335 September 10, 2009
32 28