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an orgasm that is acheived without the use of physical contact
"Dude your mom is so hot. I think i just had a minigasm."
by Noobster March 08, 2008
Noun. Singular.

Definition: Quite literally a lame assed orgasm, usually administered by someone stimulating their mate begrudgingly.
"Golly, after gobbling my husband's knob for 30 minutes straight, he had to have his ass beat in order to give me some jive-assed Mini Gasm."
by Maven April 15, 2004

Relating to the action that happens that happens when you see or talk to someone amazing. This can occur at either first sight of a person or after the person says something that instigates being turned on.
1. "I realy want to bang you right now."
1-"You ok?"
2-"I just had a mini-gasm!"
2- "Your just so amazing that it just happend."
by stephy-bug October 10, 2010
A miniature orgasm that you get when you see a really hot guy/girl or when you see your crush.

1) the tingles from your toes to your head
2) hot flashes from embarrassment if you think you dont look good
3) weak knees from seeing a hot actor/actress or your crush
4) the constant "ahhhhhh" and the batting of the eyes
becky= "omg did you see that new pic of Taylor Lautner with hiw shirt off?"
Nicole= "omg yeah i got a total mini-gasm from seeing him!"
by Alessandra D'Arcy January 28, 2010
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