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someone who is unfortunate lookin
omg he's such a minga
by babydunn October 28, 2003
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In Sicilian, minga is a man’s penis. The word is frequently used as a descriptive for one’s emotions positive or negative—I have no idea why it just is. I guess any word can take on any meaning, but within the Sicilian culture it is as described. Ciao Siciliano
Minga, I just stubbed my toe!

Minga, that is one good looking girl.
by Wardog65 January 24, 2013
noxious looking hag
whys your mum such a minga
by nick windsor January 29, 2004
1. an italian term for a stupid or annoying person
2.Term of endearment between two italians
3.Expression of aggravation or anger
1. Look at him. What a freakin' minga.
2.Hey Minga! I haven't seen you in years!
3.Ahh, minga! not again
by JCitln August 27, 2008
a really annoying-ass person who thinks he's better than everyone else when really he's not. complete douchebag and jerk. can't get a girl because he's too conceited. and everyone just wants him to crawl into a hole and die.
-- "Girl, you still with that dude?"
-- "Naw, i broke up with him cuz he was a Mingas."
by kps&all321 April 20, 2010
to be very ugly or fat
oh my god, what a minga
by Phil January 26, 2004
A minga is a discgusting, ugly looking loser that needs to get a life.
"Wow, her dress is mingin!"
"I know my boyfriend is a minga but i still want to go out with him cos im a minga too!"
by evrythingztaken February 27, 2007

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