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Ming: A Ming is a number 2 that is extra bad in smell or intensity
Mang: A Mang is a puke that is extra bad in smell or intensity

A MingMang is when both occur at the same time
I was taking a huge minger and it made me mang, it was a wicked MingMang!

Brett has been minging and manging all day, he is such a mingmang king!
by Justin J. Geer June 02, 2008
a silly person; a loser; a moron; a jackass.
"What a ming mang!"
"Ya know, you are a real ming mang"
"Lets go see what that ming mang is doing"
"You just puked all over my bed you ming mang!"

As far as I know this was a term that first started being used in the 1992/1993 time frame.

Originally 'Ming mang' was something we called handicapped people that suffered from afflictions like Down Syndrome. However, As time went on the term Ming Mang was being used in a circle of friends and generally was said when someone did something or said something really stupid and/or moronic.
by Blackeyebry June 22, 2009
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