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An extremely unsuspected or well-planned out trick that others do not know is upon them until it is too late.
So, he was just pretending to be stupid to lead this guy into a trap? What a mindgame!
by piratewaffle February 28, 2008
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1. manipulative behaviour e.g. reverse psychology
2. predicting what will happen

Unfortunately, shitheads will sometimes mistake when a person is just simply predicting an unfortunate consequence due to a shithead's actions and accuse that person of "playing mind games."

See Mark McKinney from Kids in the Hall references to "mind games"
Hey man, don't play mind games, all right?
by ponte September 10, 2006
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It has something do do with the mental state that you are in before you start to play the game. When in gameplay and after gameplay the mental state you were previoulsy in has been altered by the misleading, unclear and unbeleviable ammount of activiety that happend in a short period of time. As a result, confuses you to think "what just happend." although asking your self this question you really dont know the answer untill days, weeks or months from when the game started.
The definition of a mindgame is an exmample of a mindgame.
by SinghIsKing November 13, 2007
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psycological tricks (reverse psychology, etc..) used to gain an advantage on one's adversary. Mind games can be used for casual situations like billiards or intense moments like convincing your boss/teacher that you were, in fact, on time. Invented in 2007 by Los Gatos Soccer head coach Rusty Millard. Not to be confused with Old Greg's "love games."
Rusty, " I was like, "Whatever Matt, I know you wanted to wear your green jersies, well you know what? It doesn't matter, we invented mind games""
Porter "We did not invent mind games Rusty"
Rusty "No, we did, last year"
by hyunsoo kim August 04, 2008
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mindgames watches over the pie kingdom, waiting for the glorious return of milomask.
by mg March 13, 2005
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An extremely awesome rollerbladin' company with a logo as a man with a spiral for his head
shit man, look at him he's skatin' with the mindgame chris farmers!!
by -..Swan..- June 24, 2006
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