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mind-bogdanning (mind-BOG · dan · ing). 1. Adj. To be in a state of complete incomprehension and bewilderment, usually in response to liberal hypocrisy or something BJ (left fielder for Infidels Softball) has said or done. 2. A state of awe when BJ informs you of his financial position. Only effective on weak-minded and horny females that can’t remember the last time they had any cock, so they’ll settle for anything.
Ted Kennedy’s position to raise minimum wages to $10 an hour is completely mind-bogdanning.”

“It is mind-bogdanning that BJ missed the cutoff man again on the relay to third base.”

“It wasn’t the alcohol, she was mind-bogdanned when he said how much his 401k is worth.”

Verb. “BJ totally mind-bogdanned her as he casually mentioned his GS-15 status within the federal government.”
by 84 Cavalier August 28, 2008
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