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The swift ejection of abstract ideas out of one's bonce onto paper via writing implement, keyboard or Dictaphone. Often unstructured, incoherent and out of context, the mind vomit forms the starting point for any great literary endeavour (or the content of a random and annoying email from someone claiming to have had an "awesome idea").
"I've done a mind vomit"
"don't read that - it's just mind vomit"
by SCC February 20, 2007
Thinking something and then saying it with out more thought or consideration to its effect; saying what's on your mind out loud without thinking about it.
Your boss is talking to you about your performance and without thinking about it you mindvomit telling him he's a complete dick, and he can shove his job right where it fits.

A friend tells you about their day and you mindvomit, telling them you don't care nor have you ever cared about their endless shitful life.
by Julzabool May 07, 2013
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