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The point where the receiving end (more often female then male) experiences such a high degree of sexual pleasure their mind goes into a state of severe stupor. In this state they would lose the ability to think clearly and register information such as pain. Often those in the "mind-break" state unconsciously make an ahegaokin face. It should also be noted that "mind-breaks" happen most frequently during rape and gang-banging scenes.
"I must of been doing something right last night, because my girl had a mind break and she looked hilarious."
by Adam~kun December 30, 2011
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In japanese pornographic graphic novels, a state female heroines undergo when no longer exhibit thought or logical thinking while having sex.
I read The Great Escape yesterday, and in this volume it totally seemed like Ai Sugimoto was mindbroken. She just wanted more and more, she experienced mindbreak.
by Yandereperson December 13, 2010
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