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A mimosa is a squished papango (see also papango)

(NB: It is also a light and fruity, french beverage)
"Mummy, please may i have some juc de mimosa?"
by ChickenLickenG May 20, 2009
A mixed drink containing orange juice and champagne.
I ordered a mimosa at a swanky bar in the city.
by Marques June 28, 2005
What alcoholics drink for breakfast.
Let's go out Saturday night and catch up for a mimosa brunch on Sunday.
by doublerox February 12, 2011
God I love this woman!!! Who wouldn't! Hot, sexy, loyal, fun....did I mention sexy! Always up for a laugh & always there when you ar crying too! Love you lot's Mim! xxxx
mimosa is the best friend anyone could ever have...
by decks26 February 03, 2010
A variation on the classic beverage, the "Aphrodesia Mimosa" consists of an "Emergencee" vitamin packet poured into a cheap American beer. Usually consumed before noon. Invented out of necessity by the band Aphrodesia while on tour.
"There's a Tecate rolling around on the floor somewhere, grab that old Emergencee off the dashboard and make yourself a Mimosa."

"That's the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted"
by Eleventy Two Orchestra November 05, 2009
bitch drink, such as champagne mixed with orange juice
Jack: Damn that chick got a mimosa!
AJ: I would tap that, wish she wasn't such a pussy drinker!
by maggiiiemay3 February 13, 2008
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