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the act of having sex while dressed up as the monopoly man. it can be every day, or only when your girl passes go. prefereabbly on a boardwalk or when she has grown out her marvin garden.
mike- i want sex
jane-well i want board games
james- how bout i solve both and play milton bradley
by john really brown July 06, 2006
The magnitude scale of an girl's ass. The best ass can be a Milton Bradley, and you subtract a letter from the name as the ass gets worse and worse. A mediocre ass would be a "Milt", because you have subtracted the "on Bradley" from Milton Bradley. An abbreviation can just be Milton for a good ass.
Jim: "Yo she got a Milton Bradley."
Bobby: "Nah, man, that's only a Milto, it doesn't the girth."
by miltonbradley February 08, 2008