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An expansion of the acronym MILF. A "milph" is "A mom I'd Like to Plow into the Headboard." It is used to describe one's affection for a mother whose beauty transcends that of a MILF.
Dang! Did you see that kids momma? She was beyond fine. She's a MILPH!
by outhouse April 13, 2009
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Mom I'd Like to Punch in the Head
Jarred: Dude my mom is such a bitch
Brian: Yea dude the chicks a M.I.L.P.H.
Peter: No kidding
by Brian043 July 10, 2008
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Man, I'd Like to Plug Her

May be used in conjunction with MILF.
Jerome: Shitkins! Check out that MILPH!
Albert: MILF? Where?! She's 16, dude.
Jerome: Not MILF, dickeye. MILPH!
Albert: Ohhh. Fuck yeah! Albert want some.
Jerome: She's mine, muthaphucka. Step off.
by Jerome Jenkins May 13, 2006
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