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An expansion of the acronym MILF. A "milph" is "A mom I'd Like to Plow into the Headboard." It is used to describe one's affection for a mother whose beauty transcends that of a MILF.
Dang! Did you see that kids momma? She was beyond fine. She's a MILPH!
by outhouse April 13, 2009
A muff-bluff is a situation in which a man or woman falsely assumes or is even tricked into believing that a woman would like to engage in sexual intercourse. The term is derived from the slang word muff or muffin (vagina) and the gambling term "bluffing." While a "muff-bluff" is the noun form, there is there is also the verb form "muffin' bluffin'."
"Oh dude, I was at this party last night with that girl from algebra and she was giving me all the signs that she wanted to go all the way, but it turned out to be a muff-bluff."
by outhouse April 15, 2009
A physical condition in which urine continues leaking from the urethra after the individual believes they have finished urinating and dressed themselves. The condition often leaves obvious wet spots on the victim's clothes and can be an embarrassment in any social interaction. Heavy coffee drinkers notice an increase in the condition with an increase in consumption.
"Boy this coffee tastes great. It's really helping me prepare for our exams. Oh Christ! It looks like I'm getting a case of "Wimpleton's Disease." Look at this wet spot!"
by outhouse May 07, 2009
Occupied by being in the midst of any sex acts involving the penis.
I tried calling him to confirm our lunch plans but he was cockupied.
by outhouse April 13, 2009
Voluntold is the past tense of voluntell. To "voluntell" someone to volunteer them to do something without having that subject's prior approval. The situation most frequently occurs in situations with large numbers of volunteers who don't have specific duties within the area they have volunteered. The situation also occurs in small group situations in which someone is required to volunteer for a task but nobody raises their hand. They thus become "voluntold" to do the task by the group leader.
I didn't feel like volunteering to join the cooking staff, so the director voluntold me I had to do it.
by outhouse April 22, 2009

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