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Some might think "miloboli" (plural: milobolies) is some strange, exotic disease. It is not.

Miloboli is the combination of the Greek terms for apple (milo) and throw (boli). Although the exact meaning of miloboli is unknown, there are some theories as to what it could mean:

1. It could be a sexual innuendo, although that is not entirely clear.

2. It could be a game played in some parts of Greece or other parts of the world.

3. One source says it could really be a fancified version of the English term "mile bowl", which might be a championship game or event in some sports.
1a. Did you see that chicks milobolies?
1b. We made some hot miloboli recently.

2. I got the apples, ready to play miloboli?

3. The track runners took part in the miloboli last weekend.
by Chigglywiggly March 21, 2007
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