One who likes licking and/or collecting the sweat secreted from the nadsack of rodents
Oh god he's such a millward!
by Sibley December 03, 2008
Top Definition
General term of abuse.
Synonymous with 'Gaylord', 'Shortarse' or 'Tubby Bitch'.
One who is mocked by his colleagues and barely tolerated by his superiors.
A sausage jockey.
1. "Hey dwarf-boy, you look like a complete Millward".

2. "He left the pub at 7.30" "Sounds a bit Millward to me..."
by Friends of Millward June 06, 2005
the sweat secreted by the left bollock during gay anal sex. This can only be seen on the 23rd of every month. The right bollock secretes berty which is a substance used to unblock drains
gosh berty ur parted hair smells of millward-or is it berty
by Bertrude Millward 3rd April 26, 2005
hes a great mate, always funny.
millwards a legend
by david king September 19, 2003
centre parting
no friends
ugly munter
why cant he just be normal
looks as if his barber is actually taking the piss of him
he is known as "the living joke"
rich fuck who is exploited for that
as the most twattable face
i wanna mug him silly
Merkage bloods, Merkage do you wanna get bracked Millward cos if you do thare will be bear carnidge homes!
i hope our foetus/embryo doesnt develop millward syndrom
by hehxlfnvfkl May 05, 2005
god, #1, pimp, gangstar, hansom, fit,
millward is god
by mike millward September 15, 2003
a huge pice of centre partinged pussy
man you are a millward
by peter the great April 25, 2005
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