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Another term for cock or dick
After spending yesterday with your mom, my millman is really sore.
#millman #cock #dick #penis #male reproductive organ
by Matt "Shingles" S. April 18, 2007
Term for something that's not quite right. A wrong un. Behavior displayed by a person that makes you uneasy.

Basis of the connotation comes from the 19th Century when laborers working in flour mills were renowned for their reclusive nature and socially inappropriate behavior brought about by working alone in windmills for long periods of time.
"Not sure about that fella. He's a bit of a Millman."
"Working the night-shift has turned him into a Millman"
"I wouldn't let her anywhere near that letching Millman"
#wrong un #dirtbag #recluse #wierdo #deviant
by 888123456789888 February 14, 2015
The art of slapping a someone's face repeatedly with your penis. Usually whilst windmilling.
Sam hunched over Marcus doing the Millman and Marcus ended up with a broken nose.
#sam #windmill #helicopter #dick #slap #millman #sam millman.
by Georgebrw March 12, 2015
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