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The international standard unit (SI) for measuring bullshit. Abbreviated as mF.

Usually measured via Bullshit Meter.

The standard millifecal scale:

000-150 mF = Fib
151-270 mF = White Lie
271-400 mF = Smells Funky...
401-531 mF = Crap
532-780 mF = Bullshit!
781-999 mF = No F***ing Way.
1000-9000 mF: You are advised to seek help if you regularly find your daily bullshit exposure levels within this range.
Over 9000 mF: Fatal.
Man 1: Tell me again what the millifecal is based on?
Man 2: It’s basically how much you can poop in one day.
*loud electrical whine*
Man 1: Whoa, you're registering 553mF on my Bullshit Meter!
Man 2: Good. I wondered if that thing still worked.

Dude 1: Quiet! I can't hear the State of the Union Address!
President on TV: "... and our economy is looking better every day!"
Dude 2: Ha. What would you rate that?
Dude 1: About 650 millifecals.
by The Craftsman December 04, 2013
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