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To thrust the penis between a women's preferably large breasts and ejaculate on her chest and/or face. can be used as a noun or a verb. (explanation for the sex-impaired: breasts contain milk, and you bone them, hence the term "milkbone")
Hey Angi, i would really like to give that large breasted lady a milkbone.

Tom really enjoys milkboning his wife, who i am told has relatively large breasts.
by ricky mixx February 13, 2013
A plump caucasian woman.
Plump + White skin = Milkbone

Anna Nicole is a milkbone. Well was (R.I.P <3)
by Senor K Bivins September 17, 2011
slathering one's genitals with a substance attractive to canines (or felines if you like the scratchy scratchy) in order to entice the animal to lick and orally pleasure your junk
After striking out with ladies at the bar last night Tim went home covered his flesh cudgel with peanut butter in order to get milk boned into ecstasy.

Because Tim's wife had a headache, he dipped his nuts in chocolate sauce for a good milk boning by the dog (BE ADVISED: Chocolate can be toxic to dogs, we do not advocate chocolate for milk boning with canines).
by agent32jack November 06, 2009
When a lactating women sprays her breast milk on a man's junk while having sexual intercourse with the women, then continues to have sex with her.
Man! That soon to be MILF wanted to Milkbone so bad last night. But I just wasn't haven it.
by Wajer11 December 25, 2011
When you are with a random girl and you are doing it doggie style. Just as she comes you punch her in the tailbone.
I gave that random bitch a milkbone last night
by humandumpster April 22, 2010
a humble human with a great smile, born with an extra funnybone.
Man, that guy is a milkbone.
by milkbonebrand February 24, 2004
(1)A DSL user with very limited capabilities. (2)A cat lover with a strange sexual orientation. (3)A Jedi Knight II player--padawan--that gets owned and pawned a lot. (4)UnKnown
*MilkBone rubs MeowMix tenderly.
*MilkBone sexes MeowMix passinately.
by LieutenantX, the one and only. February 28, 2003
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