The state of having semen in your mouth, followed by a dose of shit.
Whoa bitch, you got some milk and cereal stuffed up if your grill.
by S.P.A.M. October 20, 2003
Top Definition
This MAY be a flash video like tommy says, but this is actually a popular song from G love and Special Sauce. It was a song BEFORE it was a video of two guy singing it(obviously).
Mom likes Special K.
by beattie April 18, 2005
Movie found on Ebaums world involving 2 guys singing about breakfast in sync.
Guy 1: Milk and Cereal!
Guy 2: Milk and Cereal!
Guy 1: Cereal and Milk!
Guy 2: Cereal and Milk!
by tommy December 17, 2004
"Milk and Cereal" is a lame song by the band G. Love & Special Sauce

It was popularized by a viral internet video of two men lip synching to this song.

It is increadibly boring, repetitive, and slightly homosexual.
This represents a time when the internet sucked and was filled with unhumorous crap like this that idiots fawned over.

The lip synching session goes on for nearly three minutes and is impossible to sit through unless you're completly retarded.
I was forced to watch "Milk and Cereal" by some stupid chick. After only 30 seconds, I wanted to punch my computer screen, myself, and the the giggling retard that made me watch it.
by Lawnornament January 05, 2012
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