Mother I'd Like to Kiss. It signifies a less vulgar attraction to a mother, still preferably not your own. Perhaps a friend's mother that is more sweet and cuddly than yours and maybe she offers some milk and cookies when you come over.
Yaw, yo mama is a M.I.L.K. to the max. WHOO LAWDY! WHIP OUT DEM COOKIES!!
by jew dash lee muda fukka November 02, 2007
Man I'd Like to Kiss
Harvey Milk is a MILK
by Yevrah Klim April 22, 2011
M.I.L.K is abbreviated for Mother I'd like to Kill. You would use this saying when you are mad at your mom for whatever reason.
"My mom's a M.I.L.K"
by Molly McGee March 19, 2011
When something is awkward or lame.
*Girl gets up and does awkward impression of someone, and she is not funny.
"Man, that was so milk"
by Wyatt P August 23, 2010
The thick, white, creamy smoke substance that will arise from the sacred RooR in such as a scenario as someone burning WEED IN THE BOWL of a bong whilst taking a fat rip.
by Fucking ChronicMcNabb420 August 24, 2009
white juice secreted from a cow
the stuff in those cartons and bottles that say "McArthur milk, extra-pasteurized
by ^_______________________^ September 13, 2007
Milk is the substance that runs from a cow's solanum mammosum, which is also called "udder." The solanum mammosum also contains a cow's urethral tract, in which the urine flows, therefore making "milk" cow urine.
Mabel : "Would you look at that cow! It has some nice milk!!"
Alex : "Mabel! The milk is delicious! Like cow pee!"
Katherine : "Surely you ladies know that milk in fact is urine!!!!!"
Alex and Mabel in unison: "WOW!!!"
Lenni : smh "Amateurs, the udders are both boobs AND the wee wee! 2 Boobs or 4!?!?!?!?!?!?"
by i<3cowpee123 January 18, 2015
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