A spoof version of words such as 'phat', 'wicked,' etc, and other words that temporarily express the 'coolness' of a given situation, object or person.

Can be used imaginatively, ie super-cool is FULL-FAT MILK M8 and something not not so good is SKIMMED, said with a shake of the head.
- When your llama has quadruplets then you may say 'propa full-fat milk yea m8!!!!'
- Having watched Free Willy, you may say 'well, on the whole, I'd say semi-skimmed.'
- On your soggy biscuit dropping into your tea, the phrase 'dang! my biscuit just fell into my tea. That is skimmed', would be appropriate.
- When someone manages to ride a skateboard and cook a full-english breakfast at the same time, you may express 'ahh you iz so full-fat you iz cream bruv!'
by Clarch September 19, 2006
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The most tasty shit EVER.
Although milk comes from cow tits, it's still really good.
by IJM October 15, 2003
A liquid that Edward Elric harbors an extreme hatred for.
If Edward did drink milk, perhaps he wouldn't be the size of a bean.
by Yeah, sure. May 08, 2005
Milk is Hope. Hope for midgets, like myself to grow taller.
milk = calcium

calcium = stronger bones

stronger bones = become taller

become taller = an end to dwarfism! =D
by runchi December 09, 2006
Noun :
common form - bovine glandular secretions, a food product

General - lactose and protein rich fluid that any female mammal produces in it's mammary gland to feed it's young.

common form - often used in slang to suggest a sexual act done on males, see hand job ; to draw milk from the mammary glands of an animal in order to collect it

General - to extract
A: "mmmm, I loves me some milk in my kix!"

B: In order to get a good scoop, the reported milked the mayor for information about the upcomming ellection.
by penguincolor July 26, 2004
To Ron Burgundy, an inappropriate substance to be drinking in hot weather. It also has a high level of calcium.
Ron: Milk was a bad choice!
by Milkwasabadchoice August 17, 2006
(verb:) single-mindedly to masturbate a male to the point where he ejaculates his "milk" sperm. Use of this term suggests the extraction is more for the amusement and/or satisfaction of the "milker" than that of the person selected to be "milked". (Verb also found in combinations such as: "milk the snake", "milk the milkman")
Tracy used to boast to her friends that any man she could not milk within two hours of meeting, was not worth knowing.
by Kofi May 08, 2003
To continuously squeeze;
To try to extract.
Milk it baby, MILK IT!!
by Sterling April 29, 2003
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