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someone who consumes semen and enjoys it also known as swallowing!!
That girl is a milk monster!
by Jessicabrown May 05, 2009
7 1
A baby,small child still on the bottle or breast
here comes anna with the milk monster in the pram
by sandmaster October 19, 2003
7 3
reallly big juggs, boobs, meat balloons, melons, racks, tits, breasts, milk plants,
look at jennifer's milk monsters!
by theevilmonkeyedgar August 05, 2009
1 0
The Milkmonster is a large landbound animal which is characterised by it's ability to consume massive amounts of milk without any gastronomic consequences or concern for others who may wish to keep some of said milk for their own consumption.
Upon finding a supply of milk to have been suddenly and inexplicably exhausted:
"Dear God no! The Milkmonster has struck again!!"
by July 23, 2006
5 8