a set of names that a male can use while reffering to his tesicles instead of using the actual term. also known as mary-kate and ashley, ying and yang, or tweetledum and tweetledee
1. dude, he just balltapped me right in my mike and ike!
2. hey sexy, wanna go to my bedroom so i can introduce you to mike and ike.
3. i fell in between my legs on a pole, i think mike is okay but ike is still trying to breath
by nickerbocker January 15, 2006
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The best candy ever made.
Bill started choking on one of his Mike and Ikes, so I stole the box of them out of his hand and ran off.
by Rastablowtorch September 03, 2005
A term used to describe long, protruding nipples that bear a striking resemblance to the candy
Man #1: Bro, check out the nips on that girl in the tank-top...
Man #2: Damn! Looks like she's got a couple of Mike and Ikes under there!
Man #1: In an odd way, I kinda want to flick 'em!
by BChil November 06, 2014
The best damn candy in the world.They come in many dfferent colors.

Fred-"Dude I am gonna be sick I think I ate one to many boxes"


Fred-**PUKES all over George**
by ClanaLuver December 08, 2008
to cum all over the place
I just mike and iked all over.
by HeheImAwesome February 19, 2011

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