a younger brother you look up to
i have a mihir who is mature for his age
by Karishma April 01, 2005
Top Definition
One of the greater guys in the world. Everyone loves him and rocks at whatever he does. He is way sexier than any of you combined. One valuable feature is his sexy laugh!
Mihir is a beastly dude.
by Trololl November 25, 2013
the funniest kid in south brunswick.
have you read mihirs xanga? its the shit.
by zeusesma April 18, 2005
the act of being frantically close to dropping lsd but failing to do so because of fear of being mistaken for an apple and being eaten by coyotes in a pig farm.
dude we were out camping in the himalayas and Henry mihired on us.
by wonkyshaman March 27, 2009
A kid who is "funny". (a.k.a. he is not at all funny, and no one ever laughs at his jokes.) Looks like a derpy dork.
Mihir: Knock Knock?
Random Kid: Who's there?
Mihir: Boo
Random Kid: Boo who...
Mihir: Aw why you crying?
Random Kid: ...idiot
by judgeytauruskids March 30, 2016
1. Gabroo
2. Sassy as fuck
Happy birthday Mihir!
Mihir is the gabroo sher Punjab da.
via giphy
by gabroo shernees July 05, 2016
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