an incredibly stupid 4 hour or so programing block on cartoon network that shows very stupid anime shows.
Loser: OMG!!! totaly spies is on miguzi!!!
person: oh you mean totally lesbians?
by bleep February 18, 2005
Top Definition
1. The biggest load of animated crap ever seen on Cartoon Network.
2. A gay ripoff of Toonami.
"Hey! Ever heard of Miguzi?"
"MIGUZI?! *points to him with a remote and tries to change the channel* Sorry. Reflex.
by G4CardShark February 27, 2005
When somebody spreads their ass cheeks and bends over
What a fitting name for that 4 hour block of crap on cartoon network. "Miguzi" for your pissed off supervisors who want more ratings.
by Anduin May 06, 2005
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