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Used to describe the world inhabited by such zany characters as Howard Moon, Vince Noir, Bob Fossil, Naboo, Dixon Bainbridge, The Hitcher, Nanageddon, Milky Joe, Old Gregg and more. A journey through time and space must be undertaken to reach the aforementioned world.
Come with us now on a journey through time and space, to the world of the Mighty Boosh.
by Usman Rafiq June 12, 2006
1. An unusual haircut
2. A fantabulous television programme
3. A state of mind (mainly insanity)
1. Wow, that is a mighty boosh!
2. I saw the mighty boosh last night and I laughed so hard I melted.
3. Wibble.

Just punch the big mouse...
by Fleamoza June 17, 2006
An extremely hairy vagina
"It was alright but she had a bit of a mighty boosh"

"Urgh not a mighty boosh"
by Leebo June 23, 2006