Top Definition
1. An unusual haircut
2. A fantabulous television programme
3. A state of mind (mainly insanity)
1. Wow, that is a mighty boosh!
2. I saw the mighty boosh last night and I laughed so hard I melted.
3. Wibble.

Just punch the big mouse...
by Fleamoza June 17, 2006
Used to describe the world inhabited by such zany characters as Howard Moon, Vince Noir, Bob Fossil, Naboo, Dixon Bainbridge, The Hitcher, Nanageddon, Milky Joe, Old Gregg and more. A journey through time and space must be undertaken to reach the aforementioned world.
Come with us now on a journey through time and space, to the world of the Mighty Boosh.
by Usman Rafiq June 12, 2006
An extremely hairy vagina
"It was alright but she had a bit of a mighty boosh"

"Urgh not a mighty boosh"
by Leebo June 23, 2006
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