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1. A state of not knowing what another person is speaking of or about.
2. Being unable to understand with clarity the content or meaning of conversation by another person
Example 1:
A woman has obtained knowledge of her husband’s affair. A proper response of the wife and an appropriate usage of the word “migantic” would be:

Wife: “Who is Marguerita?”
Husband: “Marguerita? I have no idea… “
Wife: “Don’t act migantic with me!”

Example 2:
A teenage girl is being given a ride by her father to the mall.

Teenage Girl: “I need $90 to buy tickets to the Yung Joc concert”
Father: “Ok sweetie, it sounds like it will be a good show.”
Teenage Girl: “Shut up daddy, you are so migantic”

Example 3:
An office workers computer has crashed from a virus downloaded from an email offering the sale of sexual enhancement drugs from Canada.

Office worker: “What happened?”
IT worker: “I could tell you but you’d just be migantic… In fact, everyone in this office is a migantic assclown”
by Bondjetta July 26, 2006
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