Verb. An involuntary act, much like hiccuping. The sound that occurs is a "meep" sound, or occasionally, "meep-be-bop". The actual sound occurs as air flows into the body as opposed to the outward flow of talking. Besides the sound being different, a miep differs from a hiccup in the sense that one will only miep once, not continuously untill action is taken place to stop the involutary sound.
Other forms: miepping, miepped, mieps

Noun. The sound caused by miepping
While at a swing dance lesson, Lisa miepped and surprised everyone, including the instructor.
by Jared Roberts July 03, 2006
Top Definition
1) Noun: An expression of gratitude; excitement.

2) Noun: A word of welcoming or greeting; hello.

3) Adj: A replacement for any swear word ending in -ing or -ed.

4) Noun: way of communication for Mattapuss'.
1) Matt: Here, (enter name of V), I brought you flowers.
V: Miep!?

2) Miepin' Christ! I just caught myself a jiggabear!

3) Listen to that Mattapuss miep! I've never heard anything so beautiful!
by VmanMatt May 02, 2009
male quief
aka. anal quiefing
such as...when air is forced into the anal cavity and is involuntarily forced out during or shortly after anal intercourse
stop pounding me ass so hard before i miep on you.
by sirmiepalot May 07, 2008
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