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A social organization that is promoting the midwest and sweeping the nation. (The east, west, and south get plenty of attention, it is now our turn up top baby!)
It's the movement, ya heard!?!?
Midwest movement, get used to it.
Midwest movement, who's comin with?
by Evan January 18, 2004
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A future wave in the music industry that is gonna blow everyother record lable off the charts, especially with its founder Evan!
Hova!! Hova!! Throw yo hands up!
by Pimp Juice February 02, 2004
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An organization being run by a wanksta that is trying to turn into a recording label in the future by selling hats in the present.
Holler at the Movement!
Hop on the train 'cause the Movement is rolling through town!
by 2Pac January 21, 2004
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