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To be in the spooning position, when your partner is asleep.... stick it in their butt.
Dude i fucking midnight stealthed the shit out of her.
by DoUNoTylrDurden February 26, 2005
28 7
when sleeping beside a lady and both the man and woman are naked, the man creeps behind the woman, and starts doing the deed. This is not a recommended practice.
Can you believe Kiwon pulled the midnight stealth on Liana? That bitch freaked...
by Geraldo February 16, 2005
13 4
touching or sticking it to a girl when she has no idea your even in the room. this works best while chicks are wasted and you get in less trouble
Rember when Wubba Midnight Stealthed that fat chick at that party.
by Bush Daddy May 27, 2005
9 10