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A nonsensical piece of slang made popular in a MadTV skit. The joke is that it's supposed to sound like "light in the loafers," but it has no actual meaning.
BC: Hey, check out the shirt Roger's wearing today.

PL: Yeah. Nice shirt.

BC: You know what I heard about Roger?

PL: What?

BC: The guy's a midnight golfer.

PL: What?

BC: He's a midnight golfer -- Roger.

PL: He's a midnight golfer, he likes to golf at night?

BC: Yeah, he's a midnight golfer.

PL: I don't know what you mean.
by ErikN October 06, 2005
someone who chases balls in the dark, or likes to putt in the rough. A homsexual male.
Yo, I don't care what you say -- any dude who cries at the end of Brokeback Mountain is a midnight golfer for sure.
by the avi January 26, 2006
one who has all of his lanterns in one submarine
Dude you said that you would make out with
Ben Afflack?????

You are a total midnight golfer now
by Steve January 25, 2005
A racist, derogatory, stereotypical term used to describe an African-American.
Look at that Midnight Golfer. 'Dat niggas in a trance staring at that booty.
by What Up! January 20, 2006

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