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1. small child

2. someone that acts like a small child
"some midget tit was trying to sell me girl scout cookies"

guy 1 - "you have a sister??"
guy 2 - "yeah, but she's just a midget tit, you pedo"
by uuhhhjaboa! March 16, 2010
1 1
A word used to refer a girl who is of small stature and extremely well endowed. Usually the girl has nothing else going for her than her large breasts.
Wow, look at midget tits. I cant believe she is not falling over right now.
by UMLSTG December 17, 2006
12 12
Someone who is very short, fat, and with big breasticles
Dude, look at that Midgettits over there. ~Dar
by Damadar July 17, 2006
1 2