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a tiny cunt. nazi. cant get pull for love nor money. nancy boy. girls best mate. black man features. tiny nob . fancys the fuck out of gobble. smells like shit. scaveneger. ugly. little dwarf arms. shit clothes. cant handle guiness. fancy a shag????. will fuck gobble. cries. ruins films. retard. looks like a monkey. scottish. cant remember the last time he got any. gay curly hair. says hurtful things to warwick wankers. racist. otc bummer.loves the army boys. mummys boy. smelly breath. skinny ripped. WILL FUCK MAXINE IN THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT
"that tiny smelly kid over there trying to mount that penguin is a midget monkey"
by GASH HOUNDZZZZZ March 23, 2009
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