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a malady that affects mostly men of a certain age (mainly the group between late forties to early fifties) in which one lives in constant denial believing that somehow they are actually a teen or a twenty-something....symptoms include (but not limited to).....age denial, hair loss denial, body aches denial, immaturity, cry babyness, uncontrollable urges to buy a red corvette, ego trip fantasizing, sudden impulses to go on diets and exercises, date women 30 years younger and so many other infantile, irrational, altered behavioral patterns that cannot be enumerated because there is not enough space. Worse of all, some men can go without a cure for centuries....
Oh my God !!!! With sooooo many centerfolds hanging around him, at age 84, Hugh Hefner must have been suffering from middle-agecrisitis for centuries!...Then again, money can make you look so sexy....
by Babyz7z7 March 15, 2011
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