Brief definition - Hell.
Long definition - A place where you get piles of homework every night and get detentions for not turning one thing in or doing something completely harmless.

The teachers either love you or hate you. There is nothing in between.

The cheerleaders are either the most popular because of their weight or style, or even outcasts because they can't do any other sport.

The girls are backstabbers and the boys are pervs.

where people call each other the most childish names you can think of. "Crybaby", "Loser", and they call almost everything and everyone gay or faggots, even if your not, or even if you are a girl.

It's all about labels. Roll your eyes once and they'll label you as being a priss. Say one thing wrong in class and they'll label you a retard.

They say 'That's what she said!' about so much stuff that sometimes it doesn't even make sense - they just say it to say it.

People make up lies about the other, making you a laughing stock when you didn't do or say anything of the sort.

You wanna go there so badly in 5th grade, and by the time your in 8th, you wanna shoot yourself.
middle school Girl: "So just do it!"
middle school Boy: "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID."

middle school kid: "You like Johnny!"
middle school girl: "What the Heck?!?! No I don't! I hate him."
middle school kid: "HAHA yeah you do your face is all red."
middle school girl: "IT'S 100 FREAKIN DREGREES OUT."
middle school kid: "haha, whatever, loser."

Cheerleader: GO TEAM!
Middle Schooler: What a freak. you only joined cheerleading cuz you suck at everything else.
Cheerleader: Nawt tah-rue!
Middle Schooler: 'nawt?' 'tah-rue'? Your GAY.
Cheerleader: I'm a girl!
by middle_SKOOL_'lOsEr' December 22, 2009
Top Definition
1. A place where your parents drop you off to be ripped apart by your equals.
2. Where you go from being a sweet, cute, elementry school kid to being a poser goth cutter listening to Avril Lavinge.
3. Where your hopes and dreams are shattered just in time for the next pit of hell: highschool.
Mom, don't make me go back to middle school today. I'll be given wedgies and noogies and have my lunch money stolen!
by CrazyBluePoodle July 29, 2005
A place your so excited to go to right after you get out of elementary school but within 1 week your wishing the year was over
I couldnt dleep the night before but after the first week of it I wanted it to be over
by Scotty k August 21, 2005
In my opinion, the 2 (or 3) worst years of life you will have attending school.
The teachers are there to teach you crap you will most likely never use more than 50% of it in life. They're there to give you 3 hours of homework per night, and give you 2 nights of detention a week for doing something harmless.
The popular kids like the same bands, usually wear the same clothes, and are there to make you feel like absolute shit.
Mostly, your friends will talk behind your back, unless you're lucky to find one good, trust-worthy friend who won't dump you.
The girls are sluts, the boys are perverts, and most of the time you'll feel alone and blue. Relationships usually don't last more than a week or two.
Everyone and their dog has a Myspace, which are usually full of pictures of the popular kids and their friends, having a good time, making you feel more and more like shit.
Basically, everything makes you feel like shit.
6th graders always anticipate joining Middle School, but near the middle of 7th grade, you're screaming "GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE!"
Drama is around every corner.
Middle School sucks.
Tommy: "Did you hear about Sally?"
Jimmy: "No, what happened to her?"
Tommy: "She killed herself."
Jimmy: "Woah! Why?"
Tommy: "Middle School bites, man."
by Lunar Escape June 08, 2007
Welcome to the shittiest time of you life. Enjoy the next 3 years of Hell!
Middle school sucked ass.
by Senator Assface August 28, 2006
Deepest pit in hell, a place where despair and agony dont just describe your energy bar, but describe your life. Joy is granted to seldom, but you come out a stronger human being.
All the shit
by jbus August 02, 2004
7th and 8th grade. Fucking shitpile run by crackwhore teachers.
Look at all those middle school boys. They need to get laid.
by Lucy October 04, 2004
a shitwhole where everyone either thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread or become suicidal. supposedly everyone is "equal", but in their head everyone is thinking they are better than everyone else. friendships are shallow, limited only to the people in your classes or cliques. everyone in the fucking building has stress and anxiety issues....yet they still think they are different.
teacher: so who in this room has ever thought they have ADD but werent sure?
(everyone slowly raises hand)
teacher: dont worry, thats a common thought for middle-schoolers
i went to a shrink when i was in middle did all my friends.
by the shiztaaa 14 October 24, 2005
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